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Protect Your Home’s Exterior from Winter Weather

Man sealing window with caulk Unfortunately, we have little control over the havoc that winter weather can wreak on our homes. In New England, homeowners see snow ranging from light and fluffy to wet and heavy, dangerous ice storms and unforgiving freezing rain.

While you cannot secure your home in a bubble for the duration of the season, you can take some simple steps to help protect the exterior of your residence all winter.

Check Your Paint

During the fall season, we can see seasonably warm temperatures before winter weather arrives. Take advantage of these mild days to get outside and inspect your home’s exterior paint job.

If you notice buckling and chipped paint or rotting wood, act now to ensure the damage does not worsen over time. Make your paint touch-ups and contact a professional to evaluate the state of the wood.

Clean the Surface

Pressure washing is popular maintenance in spring, but it should be done in the fall too. When winter arrives, you may not see your lawn, porch or fence without a pile of snow on top for several months.

If you clear away dirt and debris beforehand, you are protecting these surfaces from further contamination. For your paint in particular, it is better suited to face the elements clean than dirty.

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Fire Safety Tips for Thanksgiving Day

stovetop fire Thanksgiving results in three times the average number of house fires than a typical day. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), this eating holiday is the most common day for house fires involving cooking equipment. While this holiday is a time to make treasured family recipes and make new memories, it’s important to keep the following fire safety tips in mind.

1. Never Leave the Kitchen Unattended

The NFPA further reports that unattended cooking has been the number one contributing factor in past Thanksgiving Day fires.

In response, always stay in the kitchen when the stove or oven is on, especially when the turkey is cooking – it should be checked often. If you have water boiling or side dishes warming on the stovetop, keep an eye on them to prevent spills.

2. Keep Children Away from Hot Foods

Holidays can be hectic, but it’s important to keep the children under control in the house. If kids are running near the hot stove or oven, there is a chance something could be knocked over or boiling liquids could splatter, causing burns. As the host, try to keep the kitchen clear when the meal is cooking.

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4 DIY Projects for Thanksgiving Decor

autumn garlandThanksgiving 2017 is on its way and so are family gatherings and work parties. These holiday festivities are fun, but also cost money to cater. This year, take some of the stress and expense out of decorating your home or office for Thanksgiving! Try these 4 do-it-yourself (DIY) decor ideas. 

Make Your Own Garland

The fall season is all about chilly mornings, colorful leaves and pumpkin everything. Decorate your mantle, doorway or staircase with DIY garland that incorporates these seasonal feelings!

Gather some leaves – real or craft – earth tone fabric pieces and branches. Then, use clothes pins to secure these items to grapevine garland, available at local craft stores. If placed above the hearth, use mini pumpkins and gourds to hold the garland down.

Personalized Place Settings

Holiday dinners are a special time spent with family. Less and less households are sitting down to eat dinner together on a regular basis, so Thanksgiving and Christmas are unique opportunities to spend quality time with loved ones. Make personalized place settings by crafting a leaf shape from wire and inserting name cards.

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How to Choose an Interior Paint Type

woman looking at purple paint samplesAs the weather cools down, you decide it’s time to tackle the interior painting project you’ve been putting. You go to the store and bring home a ton of different paint samples. When you finally decide on one, you find there are not only different paint colors, but paint types as well. You like the shade, but did you choose the best paint type for that particular room in your home? We break down the basics for you.

Paint Primer

Primer is the base coat applied to walls at the beginning of every painting project. Primer is used to protect the fresh surface below and keep it strong. For instance, if there is an accident that sends something heavy into the wall, the plaster is less likely to crack from the pressure between the primer and coats of paint.

Interior Wall Paints

Once base coats have been applied and the surface is stabilized for better paint adhesion, it’s time to pick your main event: The decorative finish! What are the differences between reflective, low-sheen and glossy paint?

Eggshell Paint

For homeowners who want a subtle shine, but are looking for a sturdier paint, eggshell is the way to go. This type of paint has a soft appearance, helps smooth bumps and cracks, and is easy to clean. We recommend its use in a dining room, where there is low foot traffic.

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How to Restore Damage After a House Fire

professional carpet cleaningOctober is National Fire Prevention Month. According to the US Fire Administration, there were 1,298,000 fires in 2014, 3,275 deaths and $11.6 billion in damages. Fortunately, these statistics have decreased from previous years’ data, but fire damage remains a concern for homeowners.

Unfortunately, some fires cannot be prevented. If your house has minor to moderate fire damage, the team at M. Brett Painting Company can help restore its appearance. What can we do?

Identify the Dangers

After a fire, you could be faced with toxic gases and ash, smoke and heat damage or mold and mildew growth. These present a danger to health and safety, should you remain in the home. When you hire M. Brett Painting, we will use professional equipment to identify the these risks and attempt to salvage your belongings.

In some cases, the most dangerous damage is unseen to homeowners; let us find and remove these contaminants for you and your family.

Clean Your Home

When we arrive on the scene, we will start with smoke and ash removal, two pollutants that can put health in jeopardy.

If the fire department was brought in to stop the flames, your carpeting and furniture is likely very wet. Not only can we help speed up that drying process, but we specialize in carpet cleaning and restoration as well. If carpet needs to be completely removed, we can do that too. Our team can handle everything from disinfecting and deodorizing to air vent and duct cleaning.

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4 Benefits of Commercial Floor Coatings

man applying an epoxy coating to a commercial floor If you work in a garage, school, restaurant or other location with highly-trafficked floors, a commercial floor coating may be beneficial for your business. These materials can resist the effects of constant foot traffic without compromising the look of non-carpeted floors.

What are the benefits of having a commercial floor coating installed in your building?

More Durable Surface

We offer the following coatings to commercial building owners:

  • Epoxy
  • Electrostatic dissipative coating
  • Moisture vapor reducer
  • Concrete coatings
  • Urethane top coats
  • Cement resurfacers

These materials are meant to withstand a considerable amount of wear and tear from both people and vehicles. Get work done more efficiently, rather than worrying about the aesthetic appearance of your warehouse.

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4 Home Improvement Projects for Fall

Painter working on exterior of houseLiving in New England, many of us are used to an abrupt transition from hot to cool weather between seasons. When autumn arrives, kids are back to school, beach gear is packed away until next year and pumpkin spice lattes return to keep us warm when temperatures drop.

Although housework is the last thing on our minds after a fun-filled summer, there are four home improvement projects that are best completed in the fall.

Pressure Washing

After several seasons of snow, pollen and fallen leaves, professional pressure washing can remove all that dirt and debris from your home. Your home will look good as new from the outside after a thorough washing of the siding, deck, fences and driveway. Pressure washing also helps to ensure a smoother finish when you’re planning an exterior paint job.

Exterior Painting

Certain times of the year are best for exterior painting. At M. Brett Painting Company, our years of professional experience tell us that the fall season is one of those times! If your property’s paint looks blistered or cracked, autumn is ideal for an exterior paint job when the days are cooler and the sun is not as strong.

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4 Reasons to Choose Neutral Colors for Interior Rooms

neutral wall colors and bright accents Is bold always better? Not when it comes to the walls in your home. As painters, we love the freedom to express feelings through color, but also recognize that vibrant shades can have a negative effect on a room’s ambiance. For instance, painting the bedroom bright red when that space is meant to be serene and relaxing for sleep.

If you’re in the market to repaint your interior rooms, why should you consider more neutral tones?

More Appealing to Homebuyers

Everyone has their own sense of style. Some people prefer patterns, while others like a solid color palette. When looking for a new home, many potential buyers would prefer a blank canvas rather than dramatic colors that can limit decor and accents. Neutral colors allow buyers to better imagine how they can transform a space to reflect their own personalities.

The Rooms Will Be Brighter

Oftentimes, homes have to compete for natural light. Whether it’s the inconvenient placement of trees in the yard or a home’s layout facing away from the sun, rooms can be dim during the day. Neutral colors tend to reflect light better than darker tones, especially in smaller rooms, so homeowners can rely on electricity less often.

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Benefits of Commercial Waterproofing

water damage on ceilingA company’s office building says a lot about the business. From the road, people likely pass your commercial property every day; the way it looks from the outside can have a direct impact on what potential customers think. If their first impression is negative due to an issue with water damage, it may be time to contact the professionals.

At M. Brett Painting Company, we specialize in waterproofing for commercial buildings. What are 4 benefits of enlisting this service sooner rather than later?

Spot Problems Early

Whether your building is older or newly constructed, it should be assessed for waterproofing. When our team comes to your commercial property to waterproof, they may find a pre-existing problem in the process. If detected early, small leaks and other minor structural damage can be properly repaired before further damage is caused.

Prevent Roof Damage

Water damage is one of the most expensive factors of roof repair. If your shingles are diminished by precipitation and excess moisture seeps inside, you could be paying for more than structural damage. Any furniture in your office or equipment in a storage could be irreparably damaged, on top of your leaking roof.

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When Should I Pressure Wash My House?

pressure washing steps Our homes are exposed to the elements every day. Between spontaneous downpours to whiteout blizzard conditions, they see the full spectrum of weather. When these patterns lead to stuck-on dirt and grime, the exterior of your property can look dilapidated. What steps can you take to remove this debris?

A pressure washer is a large water pump powered by an electric motor that produces a strong stream of water. It can be used to clean your siding, fences, porches, decks, driveways and other asphalt or concrete surfaces. The general rule of thumb for pressure washing is at least once a year, but what season should you choose to hire a professional? Find out why summer is the best season to pressure wash your home.

More Time for Outdoor Projects

In the summertime, there is more daylight to complete home improvement projects. If you schedule an appointment for pressure washing, decks, patios and driveways have to be cleared of items that could be damaged by the force of water. When the sun rises early and sets late, you have more time to clear the area without feeling overwhelmed by daylight hours ticking away.

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