Painting Services in Massachusetts

Ever thought about cleaning up your Massachusetts business or home? Whether adding a new coat of paint, getting rid of that old wallpaper, or cleaning off the deck, you can count on M. Brett to get the job done in a professional and efficient manner, with the highest-quality equipment and materials used.

Located just south in Connecticut, we service Massachusetts properties with:

Exterior Painting Services

Who doesn’t want a clean, polished look for their home or building? But, with many paint jobs, the material never adheres fully and, two years down the line, begins cracking and flaking. Rather than waste your money yet again, work with M. Brett to:

  • Get the job done at the right time of year. There’s no painting in cold or wet weather.
  • Improve the property’s curb appeal.
  • Prepare the surface, including pressure washing dirt and grime away first.
  • Paint a range of areas and materials, from your delicate stucco to shutters, doors, and siding.

Interior Painting Services

There comes a time when you find your living room’s color too gauche, or notice a certain area start to show signs of wear and tear. When you want a new coat, don’t just touch it up. Have the professionals at M. Brett come to your Massachusetts property to:

  • Paint all rooms, including the kitchen and bathroom.
  • Paint the crown molding and baseboards.
  • Touch up drywall and surface materials.
  • Stain, varnish, and refinish.
  • Finish and install new doors.


Many times, a homeowner wants to get rid of wallpaper to add a fresh coat of paint. You might think about doing the job yourself – until you realize how complicated it is, and how easy it is to damage your walls. Whether you’re looking to take down old material or have something new installed, M. Brett can:

  • Handle a range of areas and materials.
  • Assist with both removal and installation.
  • Do everything from removal, repairs, stripping and painting the surface, and restoring and retexturing your walls.
  • Avoid damage to the surface, light switches, and electrical covers.

Pressure Washing Services

Spray away accumulated dirt, debris, oil, grime, and pollen during the year. Whether you’re looking to prepare the surface for paint or clean away a season’s worth of buildup, M. Brett has the equipment to handle your siding, deck, porch, concrete, and asphalt, without causing damage in the process.

Painting Services Across MA

Make sure the job’s done right the first time and lasts. The next time you’re considering a paint job for your Massachusetts property, give M. Brett a call to schedule an appointment.